Trust & Safety

Community rules

Trust and safety play an important role in our growing community. We invite every member to become an active ambassador of the platform and care one for another. In order to do that, we would like to share some recommendations to bare in mind.

Be gentle and respectful

We want to make people feel local everywhere they go. Like in a big family, it is important the kindness and the respect for each other. What goes around, comes around. Be gentle and respectful towards locals or visitors.


Provide all the information needed to guarantee that you get in touch with your peer. Try providing more than one way of contact. E-mail, Phone number or Whatsapp. It will be very helpful for both.

Experience descriptions

The description of the experience is quite important for it gives the visitor a full understanding of the activity. The recommendations that the locals do, are for visitors to fully enjoy the experiences. If locals suggest “wear comfortable shoes” or “bring mosquito repellent” it is because they went through the experience several times and know best.


Punctuality is very important. Consider all the possible impediments on your trip, be always on time at the meeting point. If it is your first time, handle the time with prudence. Remember there is a maximum waiting tolerance of 30 minutes, for both visitors and locals.


We suggest not to deviate from the course arranged. Do not ask for unappropriated things that can compromise both parts. When on the streets, mind your belongings. Use our trusted and safe payment platform to book the experience. Always use official transports to get to the places you go.


Remember to complete the review once you make the activity. Your help is very important to improve the community.
If you liked it, spread the word. If we have to improve, let us know. We will do it happily.

Accessibility and permits

All meeting points should be arranged previous to the experience and ought to be safe and of easy access. For locals, it is strongly recommended to make sure that whenever an experience takes place on private grounds, to check for permits and regulations to avoid possible sanctions.

Join the community.