Terms and conditions


These Terms and Conditions constitute the rules of use for the site www.localife.com and in the same form, constitute the Contract of location of services between the users and the company (see definitions).


Localive SA CUIT Nro 30-71539612-9, with legal domicile in Gurruchaga 826 PH 18, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina setting electronic residence at info@localife.com (hereinafter THE COMPANY), is legally the sole owner of the web site www.localife.com, covering this point both the brand and the logo.


For the purposes of this document, account will be taken of the following definitions as absolute.

  1. "Company" will refer to Localive SA as arises in from Clause 1.

  2. "Site" will refer to the web site www.localife.com, including the whole of its content.

  3. "User" refers to any person who enters the site. Included in this definition, both the simple visitor, as the registered user.

  4. "Local" will refer to any "User" who offers their services through the Site.  

  5. "Visitor" will refer to the "User" that hires any of the "Experiences" through the Site. 

  6. "Experience" will refer to the services offered by the "Local".

  7. "Days" will refer to consecutive days, except for those cases in which clarification is made that the term refers to working days.

  8. "Comments" will refer to the texts published by the users in regard to the experiences made, subject to the conditions raised in Clause  9.

  9. Commission” shall make reference to the sum equivalent to the amount to be collected by the Company in concept of publication and promotion of the Experiences, to be determined in the course of the present Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to modify (both to add as to suppress) any of the terms that constitute the present document, without prior notice, being firm and accepted the modifications with the mere publication of the those at the Site.

The usage of the Site at any time after the modification, implies the acceptance of the amendments.

3. Object.

The subject of the present regulation are the terms and conditions applicable to the Services offered through the Site.

As emerges from the definitions, users who publish and promote experiences in the Site will be referred to as "Locals". Those users or Locals, which reserve or acquire "Experiences" will be considered "Visitors".

As explained in a timely manner in the Legal Notice (www.localife.com/avisolegal), The Company will not be part of the contract of location of services between the visitor and the local, being its task the simple information and publication of the experience on the site and be collection agent by account and order of the Local. It is clear that in any way will be The Company responsibilities to guarantee the realization, quality and development of the experience.

4. User Registration process.

Both for the booking as for the publication of the experiences, the user must go through a process of registration, which will assign an internal unique identification code, allowing the identification of the user to avoid the usage of all of the features of the site. 

Registration process or Registration

Any user that has not been registered through the process here described, will not be considered valid for the use of the site, beyond the simple navigation. In turn, the visitor who has not been registered as a user, can only access the experiences for informational purposes, without having the possibility of booking the same. 

Once the user is registered, a validation of the account will be asked for. The user can then choose two of the three methods of data validation available:

It is to be noted that users must be older than 18 years. However, in regard of any of the Experiences being suitable for minors, if the booking is made by an adult in representation of the minor that will enjoy the, Experience, the reservation will be deemed as valid.

If the user is registered through any of the social networks authorized for such purpose and the data which derives from that registration probes to be not truthful, The Company shall be exempted from any kind of responsibility in regard to the activity performed by that User on the site. 

5. Publishing process and booking of Experiences.

Any User will be able to publish Experiences on the site, thus becoming "Local". It is noted for the record that the publication of the experiences is absolutely free of charge, so that if by any means , the User is asked for any kind of payment for the mere publication of the experience, they must notify this issue immediately to the company through an email to the address info@localife.com.

Those users who wish to publish an experience, must complete the information requested on the form which is accessed through the area "Become a Local”. This form shall contain the following data as an absolute condition to be analyzed by the Company to determine its validity as to be published on the Site:


2) City where the experience is provided.

3) Category of the Experience (The User must select one from the list provided by the Site).

4) Duration of the experience.

5) Price of the experience.

6) Month, Days and times that the experience is available for its realization

7) Minimum number of participants to make the experience.

8) Description of the experience.

- Local must clarify in the publication of the experience, the minimum and maximum ages for the realization of the experience. If this item is not specified in the publication of the experience, the same shall be considered as suitable for any age, without the possibility of any claim by the Local. 

- The Locals must in turn, publish, if necessary, any type of special requirement that the visitor should meet for the realization of the experience. It is understood in this paragraph, any type of requirement with respect to health, integrity or physical state of the Visitor. 

If the Local has not published the requirements mentioned above, and a visitor reserved the experience, learning at the time of its realization of the impossibility due to the conditions above described (Health or physical requirements), the site will reimburse the total of the fees paid to the visitor, and charged the cost of Commission to the local (see clause 5).

To the price provided by the local in the field "precio or price”, an amount equal to the Companies’ commission will be automatically added, considering the final sum to be the Booking price of the experience. That sum will be the published price in the Site. The amount of the commission will be the 23 % of the registered price, that by this contract the Company, is allowed to charge. This amount will be added to the price paid by the local in the field "Final Price or Precio Final" 

The Company, once received the corresponding form, will proceed to the analysis of each one, and the collation of the veracity of the data entered by the Local, so as to decide whether the experience will be published or not in the Site. The form submission, generates no responsibility nor guarantees the publication of the experience.

The Company may request additional information from the Local if they consider it necessary, tying the dispatch, reception and analysis of such information to the publication or not of the Experience. 

The company at no time should provide any explanation in regard to the criteria used for the acceptance or not of an experience, being its absolute power to publish, maintain or even erase, any of the Experiences proposals.

Any of the users, can book the experiences that are published on the site. The Local, must inform the dates on which such experience is found available, with the greatest possible specification. The User, must select the date on which they want to make use of the experience. The Local will have a maximum period to approve the reserve of 48 hs. If the reservation is rejected, this decision will be communicated immediately to the visitor. 

If the Local does not respond within the proposed time lapse, the booking of the Experience will be canceled.

If the Local rejects the reservation, the amount of money debited to the visitor will be returned through the means of payment used at the booking time. The Local, if requested by the Company, must inform the causes for which the reservation was rejected.

The Locals must report clearly in the publication of the experience, if the same might entail any extra cost beyond the experience price (e.g. Meals, transfers). If they do not report this situation, the visitor may communicate such omission to the company, and it will have the right to withhold the extra cost paid from the amounts to be paid to the Local.

Modification of the Experience. - The Local, may modify or cancel at any point any published Experience. This modification/cancellation, shall not apply to those visitors who have contracted at an earlier point in time. The amendments shall be published immediately, allowing the company the possibility of not accepting the new conditions and suspend the publication-.  

If the Local that canceled the publication, were not in a position to provide the experience to those visitors who have reserved it in advance, the amounts charged to the visitors that had booked the experience will be withheld from the Local account as to the return of the money to the Users. It shall be the duty of the local, the warn of the cancellation of the reservations previously through an email to info@localife.com.  

It is strictly forbidden for Locals, to provide personal contact data in the publication of the experience. If the Local does not comply with this they will be warned by the company, which will have the power to cancel the publication of the experience. If incurred again in this conduct, the Company may terminate permanently the experiences published by the local, and block the user access for an indefinite period of time. 

With the simple registration of the experience, the Local is authorizing the company, to charge amounts of money in their name (“Por cuenta y orden de”) and may not waive such authorization. It will be the exclusive responsibility of the local, the registration and payment of the tax obligations that derives from the activity offered.

It is agreed with the simple acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions, that the company has the absolute power to change the order in which Experiences appear published in the Site Beyond that and as explained in the present document, the positioning will be given by an internal system that takes into account the amount of booking, qualifications received on the part of the visitors and the general conduct of the local in the site. 


Once the reservation of The Experience is made, the User (Visitor) must select the method of payment of the same. The amount to pay, will include all taxes, fees and commissions. If the payment is made in a currency other than the currency of the country from where the user performs the recruitment, the parties agree that the amount will be converted into Argentine pesos, or to the currency in which the price of the experience is published. If so, all users of the site will valid the conversion rate of exchange used by the Company.

The only valid means of payment are the ones offered through the Site. Any payment made in person to the Local Will not be considered valid, and will be not taken into account.

Once the reservation is made, the amount paid by the visitor shall be retained until the Local confirms the availability of the experience. If the Local does not confirm in the determined period of time, the situation will be resolved as indicated in clause 4. The definitive collection of the indicated amount may take up to 72hs. The experience will be considered as Paid, with the sending of a message by the Company to the visitor, confirming the booking of the Experience. 

The company within sixty days after the completion of the experience, will pay the amount charged in the name of the Local, through the means of payment chosen by the local at the moment of the registration of the experience. It is reported that the amount paid will be the corresponding to the price fixed by the Local at the time of publication of the experience, not being part of the amount, the Commission that the Company is authorized to collect. 

If there is any cost to transfer the money amount under the chosen means of payment by the Local at the time of the registration of the experience, this will be in entirely absorbed by the Local being deducted from the amount to pay on the part of the Company.

The Company reserves the right to refund the price that the visitor has paid when the latter is not satisfied with the booked experience. This sum will be deducted from the amount which is to be collected by the Local as payment for the booked experiences in the Site.

Under the authorization to charge amounts of money “in name of” the Local (“Por cuenta y orde de"), it is to be noted that the company may at any time, request the local fiscal documentation, to perform an audit as if to check if the Local is fiscally/legally capable for the perception of certain amounts. In particular, any sum equivalent to or greater than $100,000 (Argentinian Pesos), shall be retained by the company until the Local makes the presentation of the required fiscal documentation. The Company may request the permanent updating of any legal or fiscal documentation.

Without prejudice to the latter, the amounts that may be retained by the non-submission of the requested documentation, will be released once the Local meets the mentioned requirements.

The Company shall not be in any way legally responsible for any prejudice generated by the Local´s perception of amounts that are above its fiscal capacity. 

7. Policies OF USE OF THE SITE.

Users must be using the Site and services there provided within the parameters of the legislation in force in the country from where the connection is made and the rules in force in the Argentine Republic.

In regard to the daily use of the Site, Users must comply with the rules of use of the site, in particular those aimed at maintaining the cordialness and the good treatment among all users.

In particular, the users who make the publication of experiences (Locals) must:

  1. Comply with all tax obligations, administrative, legal, social security that may be required according to the law of the place where the experience will be performed. Any failure to comply with what here is scheduled, exempt The Company from any kind of liability, in its character as just a channel for the publication and dissemination of the Experiences.

  2. Not to interfere in the publication of comments, on the part of the visitors that book the experience. 

  3. Not to hire additional experiences with the visitors, by outside the regulatory framework of the site. If the Company gets notice of this type of behavior, the local will be subject to the suspension of the publication of the experiences in the site, together with the retention of any type of money in their favor until the particular situation is elucidated. 

  4. If necessary, the Local shall hire civil liability insurance in favor of the visitors who hire the experiences. Such insurance shall be included in the cost of the experience, or the value must be properly clarified in the publication. If it were an optional, the Locals must provide the possibility to the Visitor to contract such insurance.

  5. Having in their possession, and display if requested, any license, authorization or permit necessary for the realization of the published experience. This documentation may be required by the company at any time. The non-submission, will subject the local to be penalized with the suspension of the publications of their experiences.

  6. The company will not tolerate any activity related to spam by users. This prohibition extends to the sending of unsolicited mass mailings from another service which in any way involves the use of the services of the company even when this message has or has been originated or sent to or from the network or servers of the company.

  7. It is strictly forbidden the use of "robots" or any other ways of harvesting email addresses of other from the site for the purposes of sending of unsolicited or unauthorized material or "Spam". For the purposes of this, "Spam" shall be considered to be the sending of one or more of the listings of unsolicited email through the software systems of the company.

8. Cancellation policy.

Users understand that any type of cancellation, whichever the reason is, will not be the responsibility of the company, by virtue of being only a mere channel of publication, and not having any interference in the implementation or not of the experience, both from the point of view of the locals as from the point of view of the visitors.

If any climatic factor is critical for the realization of the experience, the Local must inform this very clearly at the time of publication of the experience. Otherwise, they will lose the right to any claim in regard of cancelation due to weather issues.

If given this situation and the day selected for the realization of the experience the weather conditions were not the ones required for the realization of the Experience, the Local will have the obligation to contact the visitor to coordinate a new completion date of the experience, without the possibility of any extra charges. If the price of the experience has been changed between the original date and the new date of completion, The Local may not charge any increase.

If the coordination of a new date is not possible, the company will refund the money back to the visitor, and will not pay any sum to the Local. In turn, the site will make a recommendation to the visitor of a similar experience taking into account the description and the price of the cancelled one. 

The visitor may cancel the realization of the experience up to 4 days prior to the date of the same without any justification. The cancellation must be sent via email to the email address info@localife.com, placing as mail subject the word "cancellation" together with the reference number given at the time of the reservation of the Experience. If there is a cost that is not possible to compensate, which has already been paid by the local, this sum will be deducted from the amount to be returned to the visitor. 

Beyond the time periods proposed in the previous paragraph, the visitor may at any time cancel the experience reserved. To do this the following schematic will be taken into account:

Days in advance of the Cancellation

Amount to Reimburse

Up to days prior to the conduct of the Experience

The amount paid by the Visitor will be Reimbursed, minus the amount equivalent to the Commission. This amount shall be paid in a period no longer than 30 days

Less than 4 days prior to the conduct of the Experience

There will be no refund of any amount

If the visitor does not show at the Experience date

There will be no refund of any amount.

If the cancellation by visitor, was due to the lack of information of any requirement for the realization of the experience at the time of the booking through the Site, the parties must comply with what is stated in paragraph 4.

The visitor will have a term of 14 days to communicate to the site the outcome of the experience. As has been explained in a timely manner, the company will require on a permanent basis the information on the completion or not of experience on the part of the VISITOR in virtue of the importance of the latter for the correct operation of the site.

It is within the powers of the local, the cancellation of a reservation previously accepted. Such cancellation shall be communicated with the relevant justification via email to info@localife.com. If justification for which is canceling the experience is not provided, the latter will be deemed as a cancelation without justification.

If the LOCAL had any credit card entered within the system of the site, the company will have the right to make the collection of the amounts for cancellations not framed within the valid justifications, without prior authorization from the LOCAL.

FORCE MAJEURE: If it were a case of force majeure, the company will manage the return of the money paid by the visitor. If such communication is carried out with a minimum of 4 days, the Visitor will not be charged any commission. 

Non-compliance with minimum requirements: If the experience in its publication mentioned the need for compliance with minimum requirements of participation (e.g., minimum number of participants), and this requirement has not been fulfilled, The Local may request the cancellation of the experience. If the minimum requirements were not detailed in the publication of the experience, it will be considered a cancellation without justification.

Cancellation without justificationWill be considered in this way any cancellation by the local, which do not come within the two preceding assumptions. The incur a cancellation without justification, shall entitle the company to suspend or block the local and their experiences published, without notice and for an indefinite period of time.

The price paid by the Visitor will be refunded to the latter within 30 days of the cancellation by the Local. 

If possible, the Local must always propose a new completion date for the experience, which shall be notified to the company or to the visitor.

The Company reserves the right to debit from the account of the local, the sum equivalent to the Commission in regard to the experience canceled.

9. Comments and rating of the experience.

The visitors will be able to comment on the activities they have attended ("reviews or Comments”). It is understood that the comments are a rating tool for the Experiences, which highlights the importance of these for the correct functioning of the community formed both by the visitors and the locals.  

At the same time, users will be able to qualify in numerical form the experience carried out. Such rating will be tone of the tools that the site will use to set the visibility of every experience on the site. 

Comments, as well as the qualification, shall be according to the quality of the experience. Given the importance of the remarks for the correct operation of the site, it is noted that no user may be coerced or influenced to publish comments in a certain direction. If this were to happen, the User must immediately inform you via email to info@localife.com, so that the company may take the measures it deems necessary in respect to the specific case. 

It is understood that the company has the absolute power to publish or not the comments made by the visitors. Specifically, it is clarified that those comments that could hurt the sensibility of third parties, or that violate the privacy or moral integrity of both other users and the public in general will not be published. If the company decides to delete from the site some published commentary, it will have the absolute power to do so without prior notice and without any justification. 

Users will be able to publish images of the experience aside from the Comments. With the acceptance of the present contract, users accept that they must be the absolute owners of any intellectual property right in respect to both the images and the comments posted. If any third party proves to have intellectual property rights on the images or comments posted, the company will proceed to delete from the site these elements, without prior notice.

Comments received will be posted on the site along with the name and photograph, of each User.

The same rules raised in this paragraph will be taken into account for the qualification of the VISITOR by part of the Local. 

All of the software and the contents of the site, including: HTML code, text, animations, images, etc. as well as the trademarks, trade names and/or distinctive signs shown, are owned by the company or third parties and are protected by national and international laws on intellectual and industrial property.

Any use outside the site, including reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, arrangements or representation of any elements is strictly prohibited, except with the express written consent of the company.

It is strictly forbidden to publish content which promotes or justify violence against individuals or groups of persons because of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, sex, age, nationality, status of veteran of war or sexual orientation or identity, or content whose primary purpose is to incite hatred on the basis of these considerations. Any content that the company considers inappropriate will be taken down by the company without any justification. 

10. Intellectual property

Users cede in absolute form intellectual property rights on all content published on the site, with option to replace the beneficiary of such transfer. In particular, on all images, videos, audio recordings, comments or any other material that is published on the site. The Company, ensures the proper use and disposal of such intellectual property rights. If the material published by the user was not its intellectual property, the assignment raised here will be equally valid, leaving entirely free to the company, for any damage or claim that the assignment of such thing others could produce.

Both the name and the logo for the company, are its exclusive property. It is strictly forbidden the reproduction of these elements and any content posted on the Site without the express authorization on the part of the company. 

11. Responsibilities

The company is not responsible for any eventuality that could occur during the realization of the contracted experience. It is thus understood that the company is just a channel of publication of the experiences and that once submitted the visitor to the realization of the same, nothing can be reclaimed in regard to the development of the experience or any raised consequence.


The Company may at any time terminate unilaterally the present contract, either in relation to a visitor or a local.
Such termination shall not have any advance, and the company is not obliged to state the reasons for the same.

Communication via email to the email address registered by the user shall be sufficient notification of termination of contract raised here. If the address is not valid or not working at the time of the termination, the certificate of sent email will be sufficient proof of notification of the termination by the company.

It is noted for the record that the termination of the contract, shall not affect the right of the company to claim any type of compensation for damages which had been generated under the reason that generated the necessity to terminate the present contract.

Users may at any time ask for the termination of this contract by sending an email to the address info@localife.com, with the subject "Cancel account". The company will give the low of the corresponding user account, within a maximum period of 72hs.

It is noted for that the termination of the contract on the part of the user, does not ensure that there are no stored contents in the Site, which the latter has provided.

13. Law and Jurisdiction 

Any divergence, litigation claim or complaint arising out of this Agreement, shall be dealt with purely and exclusively under the laws and courts of the Republic of Argentina.

If the law of the place from where the user undertakes the connection to the site to raise other regulations with regard to jurisdiction, it will be superseded by the provisions herein, renouncing those who subscribe, the faculty to replace.



Localive SA, CUIT Nro 30-71539612-9, with legal domicile in Gurruchaga 826 PH 18, setting email address at info@localife.com (hereinafter THE COMPANY), legally owns the web site www.localife.com, covering this point both the brand as the logo.

Both the name and/or logo of the company may not be used under any circumstances without the express authorization of their representatives.


For the purposes of this document, account will be taken of the following definitions as absolute.

  1. "Company" will refer to Localive SA as defined in Clause 1.

  2. "Site" will refer to the web site www.localife.com, including the whole of its content.

  3. "User" refers to any person who enters the site. Included in this definition, both to the simple visitor, as the registered user.

  4. "Local" will refer to the "user" who offers their services through the Site.  

  5. "Experience" will refer to the services offered by the "Local".

3. Object

The present legal notice sets out the general terms and conditions that regulate the navigation, the access to and the use of this site, as well as the contents that are described throughout this document.

The simple entrance to the Site, involves the acquisition of the condition of User and the acceptance without reservations or limitations of this Legal Notice, and of the particular conditions that, in its case, have been established for the purpose of the Site and which shall form an integral part of the present.  

The Company reserves the right of admission and permanence of users within the parameters of use of the site, and shall not provide any justification if determine the ban and/or restriction of the use and/or access to the site.

The Company reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice the content, structure, design or policies of use of the site, being the navigation from the user sufficient proof of acceptance of those changes.

4. Access to and Use of the Site.

The entrance to the Site and the navigation within the same is free. Beyond that, the use of the offered services, in particular, the recruitment of some of the experiences, will require the registration of users.

The registration process must be done in the following way:

 Registration process or Registration

Any user that has not been registered through the process here described, will not be considered valid for the use of the site, beyond the simple navigation. In turn, the visitor who has not been registered as a user, can only access the experiences for informational purposes, without having the possibility of reserving any of them. 

It is the exclusive responsibility of the user, the truth with respect to the data provided during the registration process. If the company considers that any of the data provided were vitiated by falsehood, may exercise their right to non-admission of the user. If the user is registered through any of the available social networks (Facebook, Google +), will be regarded as valid of absolute validity the data provided independently by the user to these social networks.

Any transfer/cession of the registration data to any third party done by the user, shall be their sole responsibility, not being this a valid cause for non-compliance with the commitments of payment made, leaving the company is totally free for any consequence that is generated under the misuse of such data. If the User considers that their admission data have been acquired by a third party unlawfully, they must inform the Company immediately, to be able to proceed to the new registration of that user.

The user undertakes to use the Contents, experiences, products and services offered through the Site in accordance with the legislation in force in the República Argentina, or in their absence, in the country where the experience is done. 

In particular, users must refrain from: 

The user will be unlimitedly liable toward the company and/or any third party for any damage and/or injury that is generated as a consequence of failure to comply with the obligations laid down in the present. 

5. Exemption from responsibility of the Company.

With regard to The Experience.

Any information, opinion, image or comment on the Site by any of the participants (both Users or Locals) relieve The Company of any liability 

Any Content posted on the Site should be understood exclusively for informative purposes. The Company does not guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, reliability, content and will have no liability to users or any other third party.

The company declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the current state of the technology, to ensure the functioning of the Site and prevent the existence and/or transmission of viruses and other harmful components to users. The same applies to the privacy of the data provided by users.

In its character of channel of publication of the experiences, the Company declares having performed the basic inquiries about the veracity of the data provided by the Locals, being any inaccuracy or falsehood with respect to published data, exclusive responsibility of each local advertiser.

6. Prohibitions and Restrictions

In virtue of the possibility to make comments on each one of the experiences, The Company reserves the absolute right to delete or directly not to publish any comments it deems offensive, threatening, defamatory or discriminatory. 

In turn, any user will have the possibility to complain to the company, if it considers that any of the comments that have been published affects them in some way. The company will have full power to decide if to Maintain or not publish the commentary denounced.

With regard to the locals, it´s absolutely prohibited the inclusion and communication of contents that are false and/or inaccurate. In particular, any information that could mislead the rest of the users or the company. 

If the company considers that any of the content violates any of the rules raised in this Legal Notice, they will have the absolute right to remove it from the Site, without prior notice, and without the need to elaborate on its decision. 

Any person site visitor, who considers that any of the experience is in breach with the conditions here filed, will have the possibility to give notice to the Company, through an email to the address info@localife.com


Both users and locals, understand that any content posted on the site (under any of the possible formats) shall be liable to discretionary use by the company, both for advertising purposes as well as economic.

If any content used by the company violates any rules of intellectual property, the absolute liability will be from the user who has published it (User or Local), on the basis of acceptance to be incurred at the time of the publication of such content.

Thus, shall be reserved in favor of the company by a perpetual term, with the power to transfer to third parties and for a global geographic coverage all the exploitation rights on descriptions, images, videos, audio recordings, as well as any other materials that users deem to publish on the site. The company declares not to use the contents to which reference is made in this clause in such a way that might generate damage of any kind in the person who has published on the site.

If any of the users or locals in the publication of the experiences or comments, use any logo or brand whose intellectual property belonged to a third party will be the sole responsibility of who supplies the content, any claim that could generate the legitimate owner of the intellectual rights.

8. Links

The Company, users or Locals  can offer links, directly or indirectly, to resources or Internet web pages that are hosted and published outside of the site. The presence of these links in the Site does not imply the existence of a commercial relationship with the owner of the linked web page. Access to such links, shall be carried out under the sole responsibility and discretion of the user. 

If users or Locals have effective knowledge or justified suspicion of the wrongfulness of activities developed through the portal or web pages of third parties to which the Portal links, they must immediately inform the company, to the effect that it is appropriate to analyze the situation in particular and, if applicable, to disable the access link to the same.

9. Data Protection

With regard to this point, the user should refer to the Terms and Conditions section.

10.  General Conditions

For any communication with the Company, users or Locals should be addressed through the means of contact indicated in clause 1.

Both users and locals, expressly accept the use of electronic mail provided at the time of registration as a valid procedure for the exchange of information and the transfer of communications with the Company. Any communication shall be deemed to be sent and received with the simple demonstration of the sending of email. Any technical problem or of another type to prevent the reception of the same, shall not be valid for the justification of the non-receipt of the communication referred to.

If there were differences between what is established in this Legal Notice and the specific conditions which, in case, may be applicable in respect of the products or services offered on the Portal, the latter shall prevail.

10. Applicable Law

The present Legal Notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws and supplementary rules of the Argentine Republic.

Any dispute or a dispute as to the interpretation, execution and/or resolution of this Legal Notice is subject to the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Buenos Aires, Republic Argentina. -