Joaquín Cordua Allende-Iriarte

Buenos Aires, Argentina
I studied school in Santiago and La Serena and then Ecotourism Projects Management in Andres Bello University. After that i continued getting technical certifications like rock and ice rescue, traditional climbing, kayaking and wilderness first aid.
Adventure travel, ecotourism, nature and local communities conservation, photography and video, books and films, meditation. To enjoy simple things with my family and friends like going fishing in the beach and cook it on the grill seeing the sunset.
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Joaquín Cordua Allende-Iriarte

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Since i was a child i began to get to the outdoors, my father introduced me to the mountains and in the beginnings i hate it but then it became my main passion.

After studying ecotourism projects management i started to work guiding people on their first adventures or in new challenges and to train to improve everyday.

I like to tell stories, take pictures and videos and to share it to inspire, influence and motivate. To be able to generate a change in a positive way, or to motivate a new passion on people makes all my work worth it.