Happy Walkers

Buenos Aires, Argentina
History of Art
Street Art, History, Politics, Art, Muralism, Graffiti

Happy Walkers

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Happy Walkers invites you to go discover the city of Buenos Aires by walking. A local a passionate artist will inspire your steps with the secrets of the history through art.


  • Ema

    Si bien conozco San Telmo, nunca lo había visto de está manera, a través de una mirada artística de lo urbano, de un movimiento creciente. Jamas tampoco había visto el arte urbano con tanto detalle, y nunca me había parado a cuestionar los motivos o motivaciones de los artistas, y eso es realmente algo genial! Lo recomiendo para todos aquellos que quieran re descrubrir su ciudad y para quienes recién la conocen.

    09 Feb 2018
  • Maria Jose

    Excelente todo!

    20 Jan 2018
  • Ine

    Un paseo muy divertido para re conectar con los barrios de Buenos Aires de una forma nueva. Muy recomendable

    05 Jan 2018
  • Gerrard

    Extremely interesting tour of some of Buenos Aires's street art. Happy Walkers takes you away from the tourist areas and explains the artists and techniques as well some of the social history behind the artists. Would recommend go in the morning before the heat of the day kicks in. Would do another tour of another area next time in Argentina!

    30 Jan 2018
  • Jalison

    Experiência incrível. Nós realmente adoramos. Já conhecemos Palermo, mas essa foi uma nova e fascinante maneira de descobrir.

    21 Jan 2018
  • Ron

    I was for 2 days in Buenos Aires and came across this activity on the internet. Really cool. We walked through the streets of Palermo and we stopped by some murals. The concept of the tour it was really well tought.

    19 Jan 2018
  • Sarah

    My friend and I met Happy Walkers last week and were thrilled by their interest and knowledge about the street art and artists around Palermo. They are friendly and a pleasure to be with for what is a 2 and a half hours artistic tour. Very inspiring

    05 Jan 2018
  • Lisandro

    Una gran forma de conocer un barrio muy chevere y de una manera completamente renovada

    30 Dec 2017
  • Brian

    We had a very nice trip with them. Unknown of the street art culture and looking for a tour through Buenos Aires showing us the great street art paintings, Happy Walkers took us on a completely unexpected tour. First we saw a really big painting, so we thought that we would get to see a lot of big paintings, but after one big painting we got smaller paintings to see and also a lot of stickers. This was really fun because it was something unexpected and fun too. They gave us an insight in street art in general and specifically in Buenos Aires. They showed us the culture and different sub cultures that exist within the street art. We really liked it and because we could try something with a sticker we remembered it for the whole holiday because I saw my sticker a few times after. We really loved it. Besides that we got a great view of the centre of the city that helped us to get around during the rest of our stay.

    24 Jan 2018
  • Julia

    Happy Walkers well researched knowledge on Buenos Aires street art scene provides a friendly and in-depth experience of a different part of the city. They are a bunch of friendly native of Buenos Aires with an enthusiasm for the craft backed up by a strong academic background in Art theory. Well worth the money!

    21 Jan 2018
  • John

    Thank you! It was very interessting to hear the stories behind the pictures, tags, stickers, paintings, ...Tipptopp!

    12 Jan 2018