Clotilde Mee

Buenos Aires, Argentina
I've started with tango when I was 13 years-old. Studied all type of other dances, and acting. I've studied arts a couple of years at the University of Buenos Aires and then got my Masters degree in Theater at the Actor's School of Liège, in Belgium.
Art, especially theater and dance. I love reading, learning about history and geography, traveling, singing, sharing good meals with friends, ... oh and so much more...

Clotilde Mee

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Hey! My name is Clotilde, 27 years old, born and raised in Buenos Aires.

Since my mother is Belgian and my father is Argentinian, I've always had a taste for traveling and speaking different languages (I speak Spanish, French, and English).

I've been dancing the tango since I was 13 years old, and it is definitely the love of my life! I've also studied other dances and theater. Nowadays I work as a tango teacher and an actress.
What I love about Buenos Aires is its cultural life and nightlife. It is vibrant and endless.

The tours that I propose are organized according to what I think is the best plan for each day... so come join me!


  • Sasha

    If you want to know a real tango scene and learn the authentic tango, don´t hesitate to go along with Clotilde, a passionate, worldly and kind guide. The lesson was great, we had some serious learning and some laughs at the end, they can adapt to whatever level of skill you got. Going to a real and actual tango milonga was the perfect ending for a real tango immersion.

    03 Oct 2017
  • Marat

    Beautiful way to learn about tango and enjoy a real "milonga"

    03 Oct 2017
  • Irina

    Really great experience! Amazing people, amazing places and tons of fun

    02 Oct 2017
  • Xi

    Incredible experience guided by an incredible person!

    01 Oct 2017
  • Adolfo

    Super cool getaway. Me and my friend went on this 3 days getaway to the coast of Buenos Aires. We didn`t have to pay any extra for it was everything included. On the way to the beach we tried the famous mate and it tasted bitter but still nice to try something different. The beaches are ok. The lessons are enough for you to step at least once, but it requires mastership to control the board. All in all, I`d recommend this activity if you are in a group of 3 or 4 cos` it`s fun to do it with a bunch of friends.

    05 Jun 2017
  • David

    Clotilde is a fantastic tango teacher. Totally recommend.

    06 May 2017
  • Fabiola

    In addition to a great experience, we had time to talk with the performers(instrument players, singer and dancers) and got to learn about them and how they started their careers. It felt like a family event. In addition, we formed such an easy friendship with the tango dancer and have plans to go see a milonga dance which is a different version of tango.

    23 Apr 2017