Analia Peniaminan

Buenos Aires, Argentina
I am an Argentina's officual tour guide and a lover & teacher of rollerblades activities.
I like trips , tourism , outdoors activities, roller skating, dancing, eat a good barbeque ( Asado ) and dessert a nice panqueque with dulce de leche and in the afternoon enjoy a good Mate off course!
Tours Workshop & Classes

Analia Peniaminan

Buenos Aires, Argentina


I am a Tourist Guide of Buenos Aires city, who likes to interact with tourists to show them the city, its culture and the way that porteños lives.
I love working outdoors and roller skating. With me you will have the possibility to know more about the city but seeing it in a different way, my wat... on rollerblades.


  • Carl

    It really cought my attetion the Choripan. When I read the description I was surprised, but then I keep reading and tought, what a super cool experience to rollerblade, get information about the history of the city and end up eating the famous Choripan with a local guide. That's a plan for me! I really recommend this activity to do something creative and different.

    10 Feb 2018