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What is Localife?

Localife is a platform where you can find awesome experiences created by passionate locals. Whether it is eating in the house of a local chef or discovering the hidden gems of a city neighbourhood or taking rowing classes on the river and painting beautiful landscapes with local artists, with Localife you will be able to find what you love the most and share a unique experience. Join our growing community and experience the city through an authentic local perspective.

How does it work?

1. Discover the best experience for you:

Select a destination, date and activity you like. Use our advanced filters to make the search result more suitable for you.

2. Book it now:

After you click in "Book now", complete the payment process and send the request to the local. Use our internal messages to get in touch. If the local does not confirm the booking, the payment will not be processed and you will get the full amount refund.

3. Enjoy the experience:

Be on time at the meeting point, meet the local and get ready to experience the city through what their locals have for you.

4. Complete the review:

Your contribution is very important for it help us build a trusted community and a meaningful overall experience. Your comments also aid future visitors, select the best refered activities. Start now. Pick the city you want to go.

How can I register?

Registration is totally free. The quickest and easiest way to register is by social connect through Facebook or Gmail. This will instantaneously complete part of your profile. We recommend you to add more information about who you are, because it helps increase trust and sense of community amongst the users. The platform will not grant access to your Facebook account to third parties. The control of the information provided can be adjusted on the privacy settings on Facebook.

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How can I contact Localife?

You can get in touch with us by e-mail, on Skype or on Facebook through a private message. Our Customer Service support is 24/7 in english and spanish. We will happily answer your enquires.

How does reviews and rating works?

Once the activity is over, the visitor has 24 hours to complete the review and rating of the general experience. Their counterpart, locals, will do the same on the visitor. These reviews will then appear on both profiles. Reviews are crucial to promote trust and safety. It is the most authentic way to earn a good reputation and to let the community know your opinion on a specific experience and on the local who made it.

In addition to written reviews, visitors who attend an experience can submit a star rating. The score goes from 1 to 5 stars, where 1 means a very poor experience and 5 means a very memorable experience.

Our community relies on honest and transparent reviews. Localife will remove or alter a review if it violates our review guidelines.

Which are Localife review guidelines?

1. Be clear and descriptive when you write a review.

2. You have up to 500 words, use them wisely.

3. The platform does not tolerate any of the following scenarios and reserves the right to evaluate possible sanctions on reviews that: use offensive vocabulary, reveals personal data, discriminates in any way the user and are not coherent with the experience made.

4. Be objective when rating the overall experience.

How can I add a review of an experience?

After an experience is finalized, an email is sent to both parties to complete the review. Another way to access a recent activity, is to sign into the Localife account and go to Profile.

Inside you will find ‘Pending Reviews,’ then click in ‘Review’ to submit your feedback. The content of the review will be shared with the community, it is recommended not to leave personal information about both parties (e.g: Telephone number or Personal Email). Reviews play an important role in building trust and reputation. See our Review Guidelines to ensure you are doing it properly.

Can I edit reviews once published?

Reviews can only be changed or removed within 24 hours after publication. This applies for locals as well as visitors. User will have access to their reviews after both parts are done with the process. Users have the right to let the rest of the community know how it went with the experience. We believe in freedom of speech, transparency and clear communication. Reviews generate trust in our community, we reserve the right to apply sanctions to those reviews that do not respect our Review Guidelines, point 3.

How does the payment process works?

Our payment system is as simple and secure as possible.

This is how it works:

  • Visitors pay the platform when they book an experience.
  • Localife deposits the money on the locals account in less than 60 days after the visitor sends the review.
When our payment system is used both parties are protected under our Terms of Service, cancellation policies, Guest Refund Policy, and other guarantees. Localife includes automatically a service fee in each transaction, and government taxes when required by law.

What are our payment methods?

Localife has different payment methods in which the users can pay and collect money. At the moment we have:

  • Paypal.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards.
  • Payoneer.
  • Western Union.
  • Transferwise.

All the above mentioned support international and local payments. Select the ones that fit your needs.

How do I get payed?

You will receive the money on your account before 60 days have passed after the visitor reviews the experience. The availability of the money and transference cost, will depend on the payout method you select. There might be delays during national holidays.

The payout received is the experience rate minus the 8% which is the payment gateway fee. Visitors pay that 8% in addition to the cost of your listing, which is why the total price visitors see is higher than your payout.

In some cases, a government tax can be included.

How do I become a local?

Becoming a local is very simple. You need to follow the registration process, common to both users. You can either social connect with Google or Facebook or by introducing your email and personal information. The more the visitors know about you, the more trust you generate.

To officially become a local, you need to create an experience. In order to do that, you have to be logged in and then go to "Become a Local" on the menu bar above.

Become a Local

How do I create an experience?

To create an experience you have to be logged in your Localife account. Go to "Become a Local" on the menu bar. Follow the instructions and complete the fields being as descriptive as you can. Use high quality images or videos to show visitors all about the experience. Once you finish processing your experience, the platform will revize and authorize the experience in the next 24 hours.

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Do I have to pay to be on Localife?

We do not charge to be on the platform. Registration and publishing are entirely free. Localife only charges visitors up to 8% which is the payment gateway fee, plus local taxes, in case the city government requires, on every successfully booked experience.

What can I offer in Localife?

Localife is a platform where locals can exploit their skills, knowledge, accesses and passions. The platform operates as a blank canvas where locals can be creative and enlist the most amazing experiences. Some of our categories are food & drinks, tours, nature activities, shows, skills learning and sports. The only requirements are:

1. Not to offer an experience that can be dangerous to both you and the visitor.

2. Offer something far more than a mere transaction.

Visitors will determine if your activities are awesome or not, share your best. Personal information such as Telephone number, E-mail or other contact information is not allowed to be added anywhere on the description of the experience. Localife reserves the right to edit or erase experiences that do not comply with this requirement.

Contact us if you want to submit an experience

How can I protect myself as a visitor?

We are based on trust and safety. We have some recommendations for you to maximize the general experience:

  • Locals profile and reviews represent a great deal of information. Check if they have a Verified Local Badge, read their interests, inspect reviews that other travelers have left about them and their experiences.
  • Read the experience description before booking it. Check what is included and what is not, see the availability and the recommendations that the locals tells you (e.g: Bring comfortable shoes).
  • Be sure to communicate via our website through our internal message system. This will help you clarify all the details of the experience before living it.
  • Use our payment system to book an experience to be protected by our Terms and Conditions.
Trust & Safety

How do I pay?

You can use multiple payment methods that include international credit cards, PayPal or Prepaid credit cards.

When an experience is successfully booked and confirmed, Localife withholds the money and release it to the local up to 60 days after the experience is reviewed.

The price of the experience includes a value set by the local, a service fee set by Localife and in some cases, a government tax.

Offline payments such as cash, will not be protected by the safeguards of our payment system and will not be recognized by the platform.

All of our payments are protected by an approved PCI payment gateway provider.

Must I be logged in to book an experience?

Localife allows you to search and use freely the platform. No registration is needed until you attempt to book an experience. Once you reach that stage, the platform will ask you to register if you are not or to sign in if you already have an account.

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Are reviews compulsory?

Your review is a condition for locals to cash an experience. Once you review the experience, the money is automatically transferred to the local’s account. Another use for the reviews, is for other members of the community to know which experience or locals deliver truly memorable experiences. Reviews helps us build trust, authenticity and transparency in the community. Help us make people feel local everywhere they go.

Can I quit an experience?

When you start an experience and you are not enjoying it, you are free to drop out from the experience. Money will only be refunded in exceptional cases that are explained on our Cancellation Policy. Once you book an experience you are committed to go through it. In any case, the review must be completed to help us identify the source of discomfort.

How does Localife strengthen security and trust?

Localife’s biggest concern is the security of our community, this is why we do everything in our power to prevent users from a bad experience.

A vast majority of the experiences on the platform are positive, safe and reach the standard expected of our community. Nevertheless, incidents or bad experiences might occur like in any industry. We have a helpful Customer Service team, ready to help user whenever they are in need of assistance.

How does Localife verifies user details?

We give users several tools to build their reputation in our platform. Users can upload a video, 10 photos, email addresses, telephone numbers and honest reviews from other users. Users can also connect with their Facebook or Gmail, to make their profile more robust. We also offer the possibility from other users to write a recommendation for others to see. If you think that a user does not have all the necessary information in their profile, you can send them a private message to ask for further information about themselves or about their experience.

We verify each of our experiences and our users. Safety and security is very important to us.

Does Localife investigate its users?

Localife is an open community therefore we do not prohibit users from signing in. Nonetheless, we reserve the right to verify ourselves when the situation requires it. In addition, we include a number of features to ensure confidence and security on our site.

Reviews given by other users help individuals build a reputation and gain trust. The reviews are from real people who have experienced the activity.

Can I cancel a reservation?

All reservations can be cancelled by the user. Check Localife terms and conditions to find out which policy applies in your particular case.

How can I cancel a reservation?

In order to request a cancellation and/or refund the user will have to go through our contact us form and specify on the reason cancellation request option. Once there, you will have to state several aspects, such as "Local or Visitor", reservation date, experience title plus link, the reservation code and reason for cancellation, all this has to be part of the message in order to advance on the cancellation.

If you could not find the answer to your questions, please do contact us. We will try to deliver the best answer in the shortest time possible.

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For further information please visit our Terms & Conditions.