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Neighbourhoods: Caballito Through the Ages


Neighbourhoods: Caballito Through the Ages

About this experience

"A unique walking tour that explores the hidden gems of Buenos Aires found in a neighborhood that you will not find in guidebooks. We will travel back in time to the 19th and early 20th century to get a taste of the rich cultural and culinary history of Buenos Aires. We will visit an amazing historic market built in 1889; there you will learn about our local food, fresh products, etc.

I will show you an unusual place: an incredibly old fashioned barber shop and Gauchos’ bar (Gauchos = Argentine “cowboys”) that also functions as the only living museum of its type in this hemisphere. It is a very cool place that feels like it is from a century ago and it was named as one of the best barbershops in the world.
We will stroll through “the English district” discovering its gorgeous diversity of architectural styles. I will take you to some other interesting places that are also far from the usual tourist stops so you will have an authentic local experience of the real Buenos Aires.

Also, this tour is not done in the traditional tour group style as we go inside several places. We will take a short ride on a bus, an important part of the everyday life of “Porteños” (people from Buenos Aires). Bus ticket included. We will visit the church Pope Francis was baptized in. It is one of the most beautiful churches in the city and the most awe-inspiring you have ever seen! We will also visit a legendary tango saloon that was once used as a grain silo. This unbelievable salon will amaze you with its bizarre variety of artifacts and art.

Finally, we will check out a truly impressive 19th-century tea/coffee house and bakery with golden chandeliers, Italian marble floors, and French stained-glass windows. Some say that it looks like a Roman Palace from the movies!

Number of visitors

1 to 5


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


3.0 hrs.


Spanish, English

Services included

Small group tour

Meeting point

“Plaza Primera Junta”, Rivadavia Avenue and Del Barco Centenera St.


Use Comfortable Shoes. Be Punctual.

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Regular Booking


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Member since 17 Nov 2016
I am a Buenos Aires native who loves interacting with people and sharing my deep knowledge and passion for this city: its history, art, architecture, food, literature etc. My Past and Present occupations: I was a bilingual assistant for a medical tourism company, history research assistant, and an adviser to a travel magazine about places and activities in Argentina. I have taken classes in Argentina's literature and history, tourism, History of Art, Latin American Art, architecture and history of Buenos Aires.

Each of my tours lasts around 3 hours. We could take longer, as I am flexible to accommodate the needs and questions you might have. And if you want to linger a while, don't worry -- this is your tour and, because I only book small parties, you can linger all you want. This is not your typical "hurry-hurry" tour.


  • Carl

    We spent the morning with Elise on the Caballito tour in BA. It was a fun way to see a part of BA we would not normally go. THis was our thrid time in BA and we wanted something different. The tour had some intersting stops with the highlight being the subway ride on a wooden subway and a visit to a tango place that was really old and interesting. No tango dancing going on in the morning but the place was really interesting.Vayable is a great way to get to know the city with a local. We will try it in other cities we visit.

    10 Jul 2017
  • Michael

    Elisa is an excellent, friendly guide through this interesting and unusual part of Buenos Aires. You see some great stuff you wouldn`t otherwise see. She knows her history and you learn a lot. Definitely recommended!

    09 Jul 2017
  • Laura

    It`s a fascinating tour of an area you might not go to otherwise. This is the part of town where Elisa lives so she knows it really well. She is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and I really enjoyed spending time with her.

    08 Jul 2017
  • Maggie

    Elisa was fabulous! Our three hours with her gave us a wonderful glimpse into Buenos Aires, its history and people. We were early... she was already there & we started right in. In addition to being willing to share her city, she`s an experienced traveler and fluent in English. She`s chosen sites off the beaten track that even other Argentinians might overlook, she`s done her research, and we stepped right through closed or locked doors we would never have braved to enter. If we had more time, we`d do more of her tours!

    07 Jul 2017
  • Jackie

    Elisa was wonderful & very knowledgeable as a guide, sharing insights on not only the history and interesting past events of the area visited but also weaving them into the present day context. I had the pleasure & privilege of her undivided attention and greatly enjoyed an insider`s view of parts of BA that were off the tourist track e.g. the milonga was one of the highlights of the tour for me ! I`d highly recommend this to anyone !

    05 Jul 2017
  • Ben

    Me encantó este tour por el barrio de Caballito, pasear por sus calles llenas de historia y descubrir lugares extraordinarios pero que las guías turísticas suelen pasar por alto. Elisa tiene un conocimiento profundo sobre su ciudad y no hay pregunta que quede sin respuesta. Además, por el hecho de ser un tour privado hace que puedas demorarte más o menos en los lugares sin ningún tipo de apremio por su parte. Sin ninguna duda un paseo para recomendar a todos los que visiten Buenos Aires.

    06 Jul 2017
  • Nicholas

    This is an absolutely stunning tour! Elisa asked me to name the favourite part of the tour and I could not, because every part was very special. I have been in many areas of Buenos Aires before and some non-tourist areas too so I was not sure that I could be surprised, but I was. Selection of places is really great since they are different and one does not get bored at all, e.g. residential area of Caballito which feels more like Europe (except dog poo which is Buenos Aires classic of course! haha!), an unexpectedly dynamic market with very local feel, the most beautiful church in BA which surprisingly stands in the middle of quite ordinary area, barber`s shop is a real time machine and tango salon is just bizarre. Let alone that Elisa is a very intersting storyteller. Defiinitely recommended!

    04 Jul 2017
  • Peter

    I give this tour 5/5 stars. I was lucky enough to have a one on one tour with Elisa. She was extremely flexible and accommodating with arranging the tour. The experience takes in local treasures and Elisa is a wealth of knowledge with regard to the history. I would recommend this tour to anyone who would like to experience the non tourist side of Buenos Aires life!

    03 Jul 2017
  • Mike

    Elisa was a wonderful tour guide. Gave a very personalized tour that went through non-tourist areas of Buenos Aires. She was very knowledgeable with the area. It was a fantastic way to spend our afternoon. I would 100% recommend tours through her again

    02 Jul 2017
  • Nicholas

    It was an amazing experience for me and my sister. We booked only a few hours before the tour started and Elisa showed us some hidden gems in her neighbourhood. Caballito is a bit off the beaten track which makes it even more interesting. Elisa is a great tour guide and I can highly recommend a tour with her. Her English is perfect and the tour is done in a very pleasant non-rush way. Great day!! Thank you Elisa!!

    01 Jul 2017
  • Susan

    Amazing Tour! First Elisa is a wonderful, interesting guide. Her research and knowledge shows through in her narration. She is a delight! We were a family of 6 adults and actually did 2 of Elisa`s tours back to back one day. This tour gave us a chance to immerse ourselves in historic neighborhoods. We enjoyed hearing the stories of buildings/areas and then being able to go INSIDE and get a feel for the history there. Elisa had old photos for many of the places so we could appreciate how the area once looked and see the changes in front of us. We loved the market, the church of Pope Francis was beautiful, the cafe and the tango milonga were such a treat to visit. Also the barbershop was so interesting and the owner is a character! Thank you Elisa and Vayable for providing a connection to cultures

    30 Jun 2017
  • Emiliano

    I live in Buenos Aires and I know Caballito. What I've never imagined was all the history and hidden spots of the neighborhood. Literally I felt like a tourist! In my own city! I loved the antique Barber shop, right next to the market and the possibility to access a famous Tango dance floor during the day! Super recomendable.

    07 Jul 2016
  • Alex

    We had a great time with Elisa walking around one of the most traditional neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. She guided us through an old market with traditional butcher shops and colorful vegetables stands. We visited a century-old barber shop and rode the bus to a beautiful Church where Pope Francis and Tango singer Gardel were baptized. We also visited a "milonga", a popular tango place, what an amazing experience!!

    05 Oct 2016
  • Mauro

    Amazing way to know BA non turistics neigboorhoods. The tour guides you through history of the city. We saw main spots of Capital Federal, eat Empanadas, and took a coffee at an incredible bar.

    08 Jul 2016

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