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Relaxed Roller skating in Palermo woods


Relaxed Roller skating in Palermo woods

About this experience

It's a great opportunity to mix exercise, entertainment, and tourism.

This Palermo roller skating activity allows you to discover a popular place amongst the locals (also known as Porteños). This huge green area has a lake (sometimes with ducks and birds swimming around) surrounded by a running track. The track has almost 10km long and it's ideal for runners, roller skaters or bikers, to practice some exercise.

I invite you to see this part of the city while a give you an introduction to Buenos Aires lifestyle, places of interest, where to eat and go out.

Number of visitors

2 to 5


All Week


1.5 hrs.


English, Spanish

Services included

Tour & Rollers upon request.

Meeting point

Palermo Woods


Comfortable clothes.

Booking conditions

Regular Booking


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Member since 17 Nov 2016
I'm from Buenos Aires. I like outdoor activities. I'm a friendly person so any activity among friends is great for me. I really enjoy knowing different restaurants and having my own opinion about them. I love eating popcorn, watching movies and retelling them afterward.

I'm a literary and scientific English translator and also a kindergarten English teacher. Both are very enjoyable jobs.


  • Victoria

    Disfrutamos una tarde fría pero entramos en calor pronto gracias al patinaje. Fue un mix de ejercicios y paseo por Bosques de Palermo, uno de los mejores sitios de Buenos Aires.

    22 Aug 2017
  • Florencia

    Muy divertido! Conocimos Bosques de Palermo y disfrutamos patinando con una genia. Fue muy atenta y nos supo dar buenas recomendaciones para hacer otras cosas. No pueden perderse este paseo!

    17 Jul 2017
  • Marcos

    Una muy buena salida y paseo por uno de los parques más bellos. Risas y actividad física!

    09 Apr 2017
  • Solange

    Palermo es hermoso y si podemos patinarlo junto a gente local mucho mejor! La hemos pasado super, respirando aire puro, viendo el verde parque y de la mano de una especialista.

    27 May 2017
  • Edgar

    Una buena oportunidad de conocer tiendas escondidas y de diseño. También permite conseguir buenos precios para comprar. Si disfrutan el shopping en lugares selectos este es su tour.

    01 Jun 2017
  • Mauro

    We have fun with Andy and her way to see the city. She took us to a nice place and despite the cold, we enjoy a skating morning in a famous Park and neighbourhood of BA.

    05 Oct 2016
  • Alex

    We roller-skated all through Palermo parks and visited the wonderful garden "El Rosedal". We had a great day in contact with the nature!

    05 Oct 2016

USD 11 per person