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A Tour between straight and diagonal Lines


A Tour between straight and diagonal Lines

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 2 hrs.

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We will walk along Avenida de Mayo and Diagonal Norte to discover the architectonical jewels of the city. The Art Deco, the Art Nouveau, the Rationalism and the Academical movement live together along these two important boulevars created during the richest decades of the country in the end of the XIX century and beginnings of the XXI, in order to copy the french urban plan of haussman in Paris as well as to respond to the needs of an increasing population.

I'll tell you everything about:

The Barolo Palace Building and its relation with Dante Alighieri.
The tortoni Cafe as a remarkable Bar
The marvelous National Congress ( building of Tamburini)
The five domes corner at Diagonal Norte and much more which represent a golden architectonical era in our city.

Number of visitors

5 to 14


All Week


2 hrs.


French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese

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Guided Tour

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Punctuallity. Comfortable shoes. Water & Sunscreen in summertime

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I am an architect, also a tourist guide. I love showing the differents neighborhoods of BsAs focusing on its architecture.
I love to travel and discover the soul of each place through its architecture. It is from it that we can understand and capture the essence of each city, each destination, its economic, historical, social, political and cultural aspects. I propose to discover the soul of our Buenos Aires by showing you the architectural diversity of this great metropolis that makes it such a fascinating and particular place.

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