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Draw inspired by the view of Delta River


Draw inspired by the view of Delta River

About this experience

For me drawing is a ground wire that allows me to relax and abstract from the daily stimulus. With the passing of the years, I found a perfect place that manages to coexist perfectly with the moment I dedicate to drawing. This place I'm talking about is Tigre.

I have been to several places until I found the ideal one. I invite you to draw in one of the most peaceful and beautiful places of Tigre that I know.

Everyone can draw and experience beauty. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy this two-hour drawing tour. All you have to do is relax and I will help you draw what you see. With a notebook of sketches and other materials such as watercolor pencils.

At the end of the day, I will give you a list of places you can not miss. Transportation from the Tigre station to the Delta Island campground is included in the round trip. Camping services are also included.

I hope to see you soon to spend a relaxed day and cut with the week.

Number of visitors

2 to 10


Monday, Saturday, Sunday


6.0 hrs.


Spanish, English

Services included

Transportation, Access tickets, Draw Instructions and Materials (sketchbook and pencils).

Meeting point

Tigre or San Fernando Station


Be punctual.

Booking conditions

Regular Booking


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Member since 17 Nov 2016
My name is Natalia Hormeche. I'm a 29-year- old artist-teacher. I was born in Tigre and live in the city of Buenos Aires since 2014. I love sharing what I do and my vision of life. Apart from art, I like talking, taking Astronomy courses, watching movies and helping people realize their creative capacity.


  • Hernan

    The experience takes place in a beautiful spot, that mainly only locals travel. The taxi boat that took us there was used by locals, so you get to fill the local ambiance from start. The place is beautifull with sunshine and lots of friendly locals pass by. Enjoyed nature, good company, animals, and a lovely weather

    05 Oct 2016
  • Alex

    I had a great time with Natalia in the Tigre. We took a "community" boat and sailed through the canals above the mouth of the Rio de la Plata river. It was a fantastic experience to see the many colorful houses and their docks in the shores across the river. We arrived to a local "camping" where a friendly dog started to waive his tail the second he saw us. We set up a place near the shore where we put our chairs and started to draw the scenery in front of our eyes. A beautiful dock was sitting calmly across the river with a little house in the end and a stair that descended into the waters. In the background, a small bridge crossed the river and welcomed many rowers and their canoes to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the waters of Rio De la Plata. Natalia taught us water-color techniques and we had a fun time chatting with her. She is very creative and thoughtful. We had a great time!

    05 Oct 2016
  • Mauro

    Just been in a lovely place, with nature, river and green all around you is inspiring. The class was very good, and we have fun drawing. I suggest spend half day at minimum! Great place, Great experience!

    05 Oct 2016

USD 44 per person