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Eat & Learn @ chef's home in San Telmo


Eat & Learn @ chef's home in San Telmo

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • 3 hrs.

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About this experience

I'll welcome my guests with a glass of wine, or soft drink of the day. Fresh and sparkling water is free during the meal.

Our menú is divided in 4 steps wich are:

Step 1: I will offer my guest a "Picada", classic argentina way to welcome our friends. Selection of hams, salami, olives, with artisanal bread ( Focaccia).
Step 2: 'Empanadas de carne cortadas a cuchillo', and 'humitas' y 'tamales' This step is made of a sort plates from the Northwest of Argentina and a national most popular, empanadas. Each province has his own recipe. Every day will be a different taste ! And you will have a express class of Empanadas preparation.

Step 3: "Carbonada"
The carbonada is a very traditional dish, which exists in different versions in almost all Latin America.
My proposal is that of our country. A delicious stew, cooked in an old iron pot, made with lean meat, (rump, and palette) sweet potatoes, Andean potatoes, sweet corn, purple onions, shallots, and many aromatic condiments. 5 hours of cooking and served inside of "anco" squash.

Step 4 : "A tasting of classic desserts"
Bread pudding, dates and cinnamon, with dulce de leche.
Sweet milk snacks ( we will put together at the moment, so you can see how it is done).

Price includes a cup of wine. then you can choose from our small selections of wines wich combines perfectly with our food options!

We only offer two shifts !! Lunch at 1200 PM or Dinner at 2100 PM !!!!!

Number of visitors

2 to 6


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


3 hrs.


Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English

Services included

Mentioned steps, a cup of wine & free water. Also you will learn how to prepare empanadas

Meeting point

Perú y Caseros Ave. San Telmo


Please be punctual!

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